The Historic Garden Theater

In July of 1921, Dr. C.B. Walters broke ground on a new state-of-the-art building in downtown Louisa with a steam shovel. The upstairs was to be used as offices for Dr. Walters. The downstairs was divided into two rooms. The first was used as a modern pharmacy. The second was leased for use as a picture show.

The theater opened on New Year’s Eve, 1921. The theater presented stage shows and frequently hosted circus acts, magicians, and live music.

The Garden Theater was a vital part of the community until its closing in 1957. In the subsequent years, it survived several iterations – serving as an auto parts store, a law office – until it was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

In 2007 the theater was purchased, then by 2019 it was refurbished and resumed its rightful place as a lively gathering place in the heart of Louisa. Mountain Movers Theatre Company is proud to call The Garden Theater home and celebrate its 100 year anniversary with you this New Year’s Eve!

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